Chetna Singh

How to Overcome Depression

Depression is a term we have heard a lot lately. In today’s world of competition and rush, depression is very common in individuals. It is a state of anxiety where deteriorates the mental peace of an individual. Depression is heard in present times. But we never heard about it from the older generations. Was it […]Read More

Top 5 Ways to Quit an Addiction

Every person in this world has good and bad qualities. Nobody is a born perfectionist. As we grow up, we learn various stuffs and practice them in our lives. Some things prove to beneficial for us while the others do not. Yet after knowing it, we tend to ignore this fact and move on. Some […]Read More

Top 5 Ways for Proper Time Management

Interview of successful people is something we all like to hear. It motivates us to do something great in life. We realize that we possess talents which can be the stepping stones to success. But have noticed something common in all those interviews? The most common that those successful people follow is time management. Time […]Read More

Top 5 Indian Food Companies

Food companies are in a huge amount in the country, India. There are massive number of food companies which provide various food items. There are companies for curd, milk, coffee, tea, noodles, etc. the companies have not restricted themselves to the production of traditional items. They also produce items whose roots are in foreign countries. […]Read More

Top 5 Wardrobe Essentials for all Men

Wardrobe essential are important for both men and women equally. In this fast competitive world, people are busy with their work. Nobody has time for themselves. But self love and self care are as important as your work and career. Keeping a check on what you eat or what you wear brings a lot of […]Read More

What to Pack for a Road Trip

A road trip with friends and family is always so exciting. People plan various adventures for the road trip. There are many things that individuals can do to increase the excitement. Usually, a road trip involves all the stuffs necessary for the travel. It feel like you are moving with your home. You take all […]Read More

Top 5 Productive Things to do in the Lockdown

All the citizens of the country are under the stress of Covid 19 and lockdown. Everyone is told to stay at their and move out only when necessary. It has become very annoying and depressing for people. People cannot meet their loved ones. All of them have to stick to their homes. With the arrival […]Read More

Top 5 Career Options in India

Career is the most important thing for today’s youth. Right from the childhood, kids are taught to build a career. Career is very essential for living in today’s society. It helps you stand on your own feet. One experiences all sorts of independence after making their career. Everyone wants to make money. Along with that, […]Read More

Millennial Lifestyle and Health

Challenging the hierarchy status quotient, the Millennials or the Generation Y comprise the large segment of our society. The individuals of this generation are born between 1981 to 1994 and are 25 to 40 years old. The non conventionally ‘conventional’ individuals of this generation offer liberalism which will never age out the diversity. They have […]Read More

Top 5 Ways for the Conservation of Environment

Top 5 Ways for the Conservation of Environment Mother nature has served us a lot since time immemorial. She has provided us with all the things necessary for survival. We humans have used them to satisfy our needs and luxuries. Environment gave us anything and everything which was vital for existence. Those huge trees are […]Read More