How to build your CV for Business Schools

 How to build your CV for Business Schools

Master of Business Administration is a post graduate degree that people go for after their graduation. It is internationally recognized and it helps to the students to master essential skills for business and management. People from diverse fields opt for this degree. With the help of it, one gets to learn various managerial aspects of a business.

There are many business schools quite prominent in this world. They provide the best quality of education along with amazing placements. Often, students from reputed business schools get a package way higher than that of general ones. For all the people who possess the necessary skills can apply for the exams conducted for the admission.

An exam is conducted to test the candidate’s analytical and logical skills. But the business schools do not only focus on the academics but various other things. They look out for diversity along with students who have zeal and passion for learning. If you are someone who wants to get into a business school, then it is important for you to have a proper CV.

Preparing a CV is really important when it comes to admission in business schools. There are certain things that have to be planned prior getting into one. Here are some ways through which you can prepare your CV in the right way. We are sure that it will help you boost your selection probability.


Internships are a short period negotiation with a company. During the negotiation, the candidate has to work for the company. This is done for a specific amount of time and is not permanent. In turn, the company offers a certificate and a letter of recommendation. They may also provide the individuals with a stipend amount. It helps the individuals understand the work culture of different companies. It also helps them learn things that cannot be learnt through books. Providing an option of growth, this way people get to increase their efficiency. They also get to know whether the type of role offered is suitable for them or not. Business schools prefer candidates who have had knowledge of the workings and proceedings of the company.


Volunteering is yet another way through which one can improve their CV. Individuals can become volunteer in various non profit organisations. This shows that the candidate has the quality of giving. It also shows the versatility along with the willingness to learn. NGO’s offer platforms for individuals to work and progress together. Many NGO’s work for children, elderly, poor, needy, helpless, etc. One can get into collaboration with them and work accordingly. Remember that this should not be done immediately before the interview round. This will create a negative impact.


Certifications are courses that individuals can do learn different skills. There are many paid and unpaid certifications online that one can go for. Find out the type of certifications that you are interested in. Conduct proper research and analysis before selecting the certification course. The course will help you learn specific skills and will provide a certificate at the end. In this manner, you can present your certificates. You can state that you have learnt something different as well out of sheer curiosity. People going for management courses can go for many certifications. They mainly include human resource, marketing, operations, sales, etc.


Try to learn a foreign language. It will boost your CV to a different level. You can go any of the easy languages like German, Spanish, etc. People choose languages which are a bit more tricky like Japanese. Learn it to an intermediate level and get a certificate for the same. This will show that you have the will to work outside the country. Also, that you have prepared well for working there. There will be more chances that you get a placement offer in foreign.




For all those people who have been working for past couple of years, your hardwork will pay for you. The business schools often prefer people who have work experience. It is because they have experienced the work culture before. They have the ability to manage the work and its proceedings much better. If you have work experience for 2 to 4 years, then you have high selection probability. This factor itself will improve your CV to quite an extent.

Chetna Singh

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