How to do online trading

 How to do online trading

How to do online trading


First we need for online trading

  1. Bank account
  2. Trading account &
  3. Demat account

To start online trading , you need Demat account with a stock broker. When the account is opened

You can log in the account and add money from your bank account. Now use the trading platform to view stock prices, data, chart, historical data and etc. Now get started with buying and selling your shares.

How to do share trading online

Online share trading is using a PC or mobile connected to the Internet for buying or selling shares. There is minimal human interaction in this process making it more cost-effective than offline kind of share trading.


Usually, the broker-customer interface has a three-tiered fee structure. If you want to buy many shares you can either do it by clicking a few buttons on your smartphone or you can call an automated phone line to make your deal. Different brokerage agencies have different fees that vary according to the payment gateway they are using or the fees levied by your bank. You can check the livestock prices on your phone screen and then buy it for the price you see on the screen.

Important Tips 


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