How to get a freelancing digital marketing project? Freelancing projects in 2021

 How to get a freelancing digital marketing project? Freelancing projects in 2021

Freelancing is on boom since a long time now. Freelancing has been a big add-on in students’ resumes as they can learn and experience real time projects. There are many good platforms to get freelance digital marketing projects, some of which are mentioned below:

  1. PeoplePerHour– With the goal to connect clients with the community of expert freelancers, who can work and get paid on hourly basis. There is complete flexibility to work and one doesn’t have to stick to a 9-5 boring job.
  2. Fiverr– Apart from the other best platforms of finding freelance digital marketing projects, Fiverr is another platform where students, companies and institutions can recognize capabilities and reach out to each other through the website.
  3. Freelancer– It is world’s largest freelancing marketplace where a large number of employers post projects and users look for projects. Freelancer connects millions of employers to the seekers and offer a huge variety of projects ranging from software development to digital marketing.
  4. Upwork– Upwork is a platform where it connects freelancers with businesses in various categories. This platform is simple, fast and cost-effective for the freelancers. Employers here, pay the best according to industry standards and a freelancer can work from anywhere and anytime.

Digital marketing is one of the ever-growing fields with regular new updates. You need to constantly upgrade yourself in order to ensure steady revenue and continuous businesses from the clients.

It is also necessary to create a personal brand in the online space as a digital marketer. This will help you to get a regular flow of business from a diverse range of customers. Here are a few things that worked like magic for me.

  • Identification of your target customers – You need to identify the potential client for your business based on your expertise, knowledge, and skill set.
  • Reaching out to the target customers – There are different ways to attract potential customers or getting discovered by them. Create a strong profile of yourself in the online domain and promote it through various freelancing websites.
  • The process of bidding and pitching –
    • Bidding – One can bid for single or multiple projects depending on the rules of a particular website. A bid should be short and transparent. It should also demonstrate how your knowledge and experience is the ideal one for the project.
    • Pitching – Pitching is the process of reaching out to prospective customers. You can take this approach when you feel that the client has got the requirement that matches your skillset.
  • Collaborating with other freelancers – This is one of the most effective ways to expand your business. You can collaborate with other freelancers who are having separate skill set but in a related field.
  • Email Marketing – It is very important for you to retain existing clients as well as getting new clients as a freelance digital marketing consultant. You can use email marketing for both purposes. It helps you to maintain relationships with the current customers as well as reaching out to new customers

Remember freelancing is all about having the required skill sets and updated knowledge. Once customers find the best quality solutions at an optimum price, they will always choose you.

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