How to Improve your English Language

 How to Improve your English Language

English is considered to be the international language of the world. English language is used for communication for most of the professional purposes. Same language is used everywhere so that information can be spread to maximum amount of people. There has to be a means communication through which a large audience can be hosted.

Though English is known by many people, not all the individuals know to speak and write it. People usually speak their native languages. Those people who have English as their mother tongue have benefit in certain aspects. With the growing demand of this language, people have started learning it. But many individuals face difficulty while mastering this language.

If you are someone who wants to speak and write English fluently, we have a solution. This article is for all those who are keen for learning this language.


Reading is one of the elements which can help in enhancing your language. Read slowly and steadily and try to understand the meaning. If you find a word difficult, look for it in the dictionary. One can read newspapers, novels, magazines, etc to increase their efficiency. During the initial time, choose topics of your interest. It will help you to stick around and not feel bored. Reading habit should be cultivated because one can learn a lot with passing time.


Listening is also one of the fundamentals in the process of learning English. Listen to songs with lyrics so that you are able to understand the whole theme of the song. One can also listen to English podcasts as well. Watching movies are also a great option. Make sure that you watch those movies with subtitles. This will help you to understand the movie. Try to understand the accent in which the characters speak. Watch videos in English. If you find someone’s speaking skills to be great, watch more of their videos. Try to imitate initially and then add your touch to it.


Vocabulary comes once you have mastered grammar. Grammatically correct sentences are of prime importance. Once that is done, you can work on the enhancement of your language. Read articles of writers with good command over the language. Learn a new word everyday. Try to use that word in atleast five sentences in that day. Try using different apps for the purpose. Read often and pick words which seem to be difficult. Work on synonyms and antonyms as well.


Talk to yourself in English. Try not to think in your mother tongue but in English language. It can help you to become fluent to a much greater extent. Try to maintain clarity while speaking. Proper communication is the most important requirement in all of this. Be confident enough while speaking. If you think that you did not understand what the other person said, be bold enough to ask them. The confidence level will help you in mastering the language in a better way.


Writing is also a great way of commanding the language. Write on different topics of your choice. Firstly, be grammatically correct. Next try to include vocabulary for enhanced statements. Above all, speak to individuals in English. One cannot achieve fluency until and unless you practice speaking it. Try speaking the language with people who are learning or people who are good at it. Surely, by following these steps, you can master the language completely.

Chetna Singh

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