How to Set Up a Water Plant Business in India

 How to Set Up a Water Plant Business in India

Water plant business has experienced an uprise in the past few years. Packaged drinking water plant and mineral drinking water are different. In packaged drinking water plant, bore well water is processed. Reduction of total dissolved solid is reduced in the process. This is done through the reverse osmosis process. They have no constituents of minerals.

Mineral drinking water plant uses natural sources like spring and mountain water. It is considered to be beneficial for human consumption. During the process, minerals can be added to the water. The minerals mainly include magnesium, potassium, calcium, etc. there are certain documents and licenses are required to set up the water plant business.

The main documents required are small scale industry registration certificate, AOA & MOA and pest control certificate. Along with it are required ISI certification from BIS, pollution control certificate and feed water test report. Certain steps should also be kept into consideration in the complete setup.

First and foremost, identification of the source of raw water is done. Any type of source can be preferred such as municipal supply, bore well water, etc. Next, proper storage facility has to be looked after. The raw water is stored in raw water storage tank. It is usually done with the help of submercible pump. Proper treatment of water is done so that it is clean and hygienic. Various processes are used such as reverse osmosis, ultra violet sterilization, etc.

Proper testing of water is done with the help of inhouse water testing laboratory. It is tested for micro biological and chemical parameters. The clean water is stored into clean and hygienic bottles, jars and pouches. Machines are used for the storage of water. During the purification process, different methods are used. Some of them are coagulation process, reverse osmosis, chlorination of water, sand filteration, etc.

Proper business plan and strategy should be planned out. Salaries and wages for the staff members should be looked after. Analysis should also be done on working capital and production target. Look out for other expenses involved for the business. Carry out proper branding and marketing of the water plant business.

This manufacturing unit makes sure that quality of water supplied is best for the consumers. Around thirty to forty per cent hike has been seen in the past few years. Choose the type of business you want to get into. The companies can be of different types like public, private, LLP, partnership or sole proprietorship.

The equipments will mainly include water purifier, cost of utilities, chemicals, additives, water tanks, etc. The location of the setup should be close to the source of water. The power supply in the area should be continuous as well. The machineries which are mainly required are water sterilizers, filters, dispensers, generator set, storage tanks, conveyors, sealers, etc.

The right kind of work force should be hired. Extra efforts should be put in for the optimum growth of the water plant business. The current situation of water in the world is not so good. This water plant business will prove to be very productive for the mankind.

Chetna Singh

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