How to start a ice cream company in india

 How to start a ice cream company in india

 How to Start a Icecream company in india

Nothing’s better than chilled ice-cream on a hot summer day or hot chocolate fudge on a cold winter night. While foodies may debate over the best cuisine, pizza vs burger, etc. everyone is on the same page when it comes to love for ice cream. India is a nation where everyone is born with a sweet tooth & desserts are the most awaited part of a meal.

The ice cream parlour business has expanded multi-fold in the past few years. As per FICCI’s India Food Service Industry report, frozen dessert & ice cream market alone is expected to grow to nearly 1 Billion USD by 2022 which proves that love for ice cream is growing year-on-year & there are more people willing to make a purchase in the economy to satiate their dessert cravings. Since the last 10 years, a lot has changed in the ice cream business as we have quickly moved on from ice cream sticks worth Rs.10 being sold roadside to small yet lavish cafes offering several ice cream flavours in high priced waffle cones, ice cream rolls, sundaes, fudge shakes & more! A lot of brands are trying to penetrate the market as they can identify the market potential & are ready with drool-worthy desserts for the customers. But is it the right business for you.

Infrastructure required for ice cream manufacturing

infrastructure required for ice cream manufacturing
The size and capacity of the ice cream manufacturing business play an important role in the decision to start an ice cream manufacturing business. It is recommended that an ice cream manufacturing unit be set up with at least the capacity to produce five thousand units to ensure optimal break even. The following machinery would be recommended for the business:

Refrigeration compressor (open type): 5 TR capacity complete with motor and
Cooled condenser complete with piping and water spray assembly.
Liquid receiver
M.S. Brine tank
Agitator fan assembly
Push Cart trolleys
Ice-cream freezer complete with an extension including valve, shut off valve etc.
Electrical including motors: Complete set ranging from ½ to 20 hp
Mechanical accessories such dehydrator with the complete set suction line, copper pipe, liquid distribution, pipe, shut off valve etc.


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