How To Start An HR Consultancy in India – 6 Steps To Successfully Start HR Consultancy

 How To Start An HR Consultancy in India – 6 Steps To Successfully Start HR Consultancy

There is a huge market for HR consultancies to help employers get the best employees for their company.

It includes generalist HR consulting, recruitment & selection, employee engagement, training, learning & development, and so on.

Today, we are going to discuss “How to start an HR consultancy in India?”.

1.Create A HR Consultancy Business Plan

To start a startup everyone needs a business plan.

Understanding who is your target audience and how you’ll serve that target audience, you’ll then be in a good position to choose the right legal structure for a new Human Resources consulting business.

Depending on business size, you’ll have various options to register your consultancy:

  • Limited liability company.
  • Operate your business as an independent HR consultant by establishing a sole proprietorship.

2. Get website

In this modern time, every business must have the online presence and for the online presence you need a website. Decide the domain name and get a decent look. Domain registration will cost you estimated 500 and website designing starts from 7000.

You can visit here for website design.

3. Get current account in Bank

This is not compulsory, you can choose to do business in your name also but it makes things simple if you have a separate personal and business bank account. To get Current account in the bank you will need to show your company letterhead, ID and address proof. 

4. Get business Tools

To run the business, you need a rubber stamp, visiting cards, letterhead, naukri/monster account(where you can post job requirements and find candidates). You can get a database of resumes from one of the many job-sites.

5.Start Building A Network Now

Now, You need to start building your referral network before you even launch (or as soon you can after launch).

Make a list of family, friends, current and former colleagues, clients and people you’ve met along the way and look at your list of LinkedIn connections also.

Get back in touch with people and reconnect. Tell them about your plans and ask for their help or just to keep you in mind.

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