How to Stay Motivated during Lockdown

 How to Stay Motivated during Lockdown

How to Stay Motivated during Lockdown

Repeated lockdown has been distressing for all of us. Covid 19 has affected the whole world in the worst way possible. It has affected the economy to a huge extent. Also, there is a massive amount of people who have lost their lives during this pandemic. People have to stick to their homes in order to be healthy. They have been restricted to move out unless it is extremely necessary.

All of this has taken a huge toll on the individual’s minds. Many of them have faced anxiety issues as well. People feel lazy and demotivated for maximum amount of time. They cannot carry out their works in a proper manner. Often, while going to bed every night, they feel as if their has been a complete failure. These issues have affected the individuals on the mental level. Even though people try to be positive, they are not able to Optimism has been lowered to a great extent. Just in case you are in the same position, we have sorted the issue for you. Here are some of the ways through which you can keep yourself motivated during the lockdown.


How to Stay Motivated during Lockdown


Often people feel lazy and unproductive when they have nothing to do. Every morning, plan out the stuffs you have to do on that day. Prioritise the tasks which requires more time and effort. Make a checklist of all the tasks. Set a time for each one of them. make sure that you complete all the tasks on that stipulated time. This will help in proper organization of the work throughout the day.


                                         TALK TO PEOPLE 




Give importance to the connections you have made till date. Talk with your family and friends. Do not be so involved in your tasks that you forget them. Make video calls to your friends and cousins. You can also plan to have your lunch or workout together on a video call. This will keep your loneliness at bay during the lockdown. You will feel connected to the people whom you love and care. After completing all the tasks of the day, sit with your family and have dinner together. Talk on positive and productive stuffs.




Since many individuals have to work from home, they have to change their room into a workspace. Customize your workspace according to your wish. Arrange the room in a proper manner. Prepare your bed with clean a bedsheet. Arrange your table and keep only necessary stuffs there. You can also add different decent lightings during the customization. Make sure the room gives you a vibe to work. This will uplift your mood and will help you focus.





Lockdown has given you an opportunity for self care. You can get into self care practice. Make sure that you do not start your day’s work from the bed. Get up early and take a bath. Wear clean clothes to feel fresh. Have your breakfast which is wholesome and nutritious. You will work much better after doing all of these things. Take some time out for working out. Walk on your terrace and water the plants in the process. Read a book before going to sleep. Skincare can also be practiced. Drink lots and lots of water to keep yourself hydrated.






One cannot emphasise enough on this! In this situation of Covid 19 and lockdown, everyone is acing their own challenges. Be kind to people whom you talk to. Be kind to the stray animals around your house. Feed them some food so that they are not hungry. If you can provide help to someone, please do so. Try to be empathetic and understanding with whoever you have a conversation with. It is indeed a tough time, but it too shall pass!!




These are the some ways which keeps you Motivated in this Lockdown

Chetna Singh

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