Lockdown Recipe Ideas for 2021

 Lockdown Recipe Ideas for 2021

With the advancement of the deadly Corona virus, people have started facing troubles yet again. Due to numerous reasons, the people of the country have been badly affected by this deadly virus. Citizens of the country are told not to move outside unless very important. One can view 2020 on repeat telecast which has worsened even more. Lockdowns have been implemented in various cities and states. But there are always things which can uplift our mood. If you are wondering what are you going to do this lockdown, we have an idea for you. Lockdown recipe ideas have been on people’s minds since the  last year. Why not use this time to cook some mouth watering dishes at the comfort of our home.

There are many recipes that one can make. But this article will tell you some simple yet enticing lockdown recipe ideas that you can try this lockdown. They will not only keep you engaged but will also provide you with some relishing dishes.


For all the cheese lovers out there, Mac n Cheese must be on your cooking list. It is one of the best lockdown recipe ideas. The main ingredients of this dish is macaroni and cheese. One can complement this dish along with some bell peppers, corn, chicken, etc. Usually, cheddar or mozarella cheese is used. Mayonnaise is added for extra creaminess. It is best served hot with the addition of lots of lots of cheese in it.





Pancakes are flat, thin and round cakes made on a pan. They are sweet in taste. They are made with flour, sugar, milk and some other ingredients. People often like to top it up with bananas and maple syrup. It adds up to the overall taste of the dish. Usually, pancakes have vanilla extracts in them so most of the people love it for the flavour it offers. It does not take much time and hence, it is also one of the really good lockdown recipe ideas.



Well how many of you think that sweets are difficult to make? And especially when it comes to Gulab Jamun? Many of us have this idea in mind that Gulab Jamuns are difficult to prepare. But that is not the case at all. You can try making bread gulab jamuns at home without any hassle. The main ingredient of this recipe is bread. All you have to do is make a dough with bread, milk and cardomom. Make balls and deep fry them. Next, let them absorb the sugar syrup. The sugar syrup should have ingredients like rose petals and cardomom. This simple recipe is a great addition in the lockdown recipe ideas.


Who does not like chocolates? Almost all of us. We have had enough of chocolate cakes and cookies. Let’s try something new this time. Chocolate fudge can also be added in your lockdown recipe ideas. In a container, add melted butter, melted dark chocolate, sugar, walnuts, almonds and condensed milk. Mix all of them thoroughly. Next, refrigerate it for 3 to 4 hours and it is done. Your decadent chocolate fudge is ready to be served.




With sun at the top of our heads, the temperature makes us dehydrated in the summers. To beat the heat, one should go for fluid options in order to hydrate themselves. Jal Jeera is quite a good option for hydrating ourselves from excessive heat. It is an Indian beverage made from cumin seeds. Lemon and mint is added to it to enhance the flavour. All the ingredients are mixed in cold water. Mostly, it can be found on Indian street during extreme summers.




Have those vegetables to add in manchurian but got a little bored of it? No issue. We have fixed your issue. Use those vegetables as a filling in spring rolls. Spring rolls are basically rolls which are filled with some amazing stuffs and then deep fried. Flour is used to prepare the outer covering. The filling is made with vegetables along with spices and condiments. Fill it in and deep fry it. It can be served with any sauce of your choice. This has also proved one of the greatest lockdown recipe ideas.

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