Mailchimp Review. Is Mailchimp good for Email Marketing!

 Mailchimp Review. Is Mailchimp good for Email Marketing!

Mailchimp is an automation platform providing email marketing services. It is based in America and was founded in 2001. It has a revenue of 70 crores USD. The CEO of this company is Ben Chestnut. It is considered to be an all in one integrating marketing platform. It helps in growing of the business in terms of the owner. It is very user friendly and one can start using it anytime anywhere.

Its headquarters is located in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. The founders of this company are Ben Chestnut, Dan Kurzius and Mark Armstrong. It helps small businesses in achieving big. It provides the right tools and guidance for better results. In a single platform, one can bring up data, marketing channels and insights all together. Brands can be provided with a home and a custom domain. Creating of a website can be done along with built in marketing tools.

Marketing of business can be done by sending the right messages on the right channel. One can build up ads, emails, postcards, etc all at one place. The right audience can be connected through this platform. One can know their audience in a better way by using the provided tools. Creation of better content can be done. This platform provides easy to use design tools along with flexible templates. It provides an AI powered Creative Assistant for preparing custom designs.

One can automate their marketing as well. personal touch can be added without personal efforts. This can be done through automated messages which will reach the audience at the right time. Data and insights are stored at one place. One can analyse what works best for them. Recommendations are also provided for optimum output. New Belgium has been its customer since 2011. Vimeo has been a customer since 2012. TED has been a customer since 2010.

Full 24/7 support is provided whenever individuals need any sort of help. There are more than 250 app integrations through which one can connect all the tools. They also provide a directory of trusted Mailchimp partner to carry out the proceedings. Strong connection can be made via regular emails to give sales a boost. Marketing an be improved with the help of analytics. Stored data can be synced to get pre built customer segments. It is completely based on purchase behaviour in order to improve the sales.

Customers can be put on personalised journeys in order to lead them to checkout. Tracking of sales can be conducted efficiently through it. One can check the payment processes and the amount of money earned. Automation helps in generation of six times more orders than bulk emails alone. Recently, it has been considered as one of the best global software companies of 2021 by G2. It provides individuals with the perfect resources in order to maintain the track. They provide expert guidance, inspiring stories and timely resources for enhanced output.

This newsletter tool has a free plan and a great marketing strategy. One can send upto 10,000 emails a month to 2000 subscribers. It proves to be quite beneficial for personal users and small business users. They have in built CRM providing all in one solution at one platform. Thorough reporting can be done with the help of Mailchimp. It provides all the information including clients, social media, geo tracking and Google Analytics Integration.

It provides a generous freemium plan with most of the tools available with it. It also has a great template editor along with a clean and simple interface. It integrates with other tools for better experience. It is a perfect option for many like ecommerce, blogger, business owner, etc. it has always been emphasising on the importance of running opt-in based lead capture campaigns. The addition of built in CRM has helped in the overall enhancement. It has proved to be efficient for maximum amount of users using it.

Chetna Singh

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