Millennial Lifestyle and Health

 Millennial Lifestyle and Health

Challenging the hierarchy status quotient, the Millennials or
the Generation Y comprise the large segment of our society.
The individuals of this generation are born between 1981 to
1994 and are 25 to 40 years old. The non conventionally
‘conventional’ individuals of this generation offer liberalism
which will never age out the diversity. They have seen
decades, century and a millennium change making them
quite unique in this matter. They are usually individuals
who reached young adulthood with the beginning of 21st
century. They often refuse to accept the illogical, irrational
and groundless synchronisation of the society while
respecting and taking into consideration the vitality of the
past traditions.
This generation is also considered to be divided into two

parts namely the Me-llennials and the Mega-llennials. Me-
llennials are considered to have faced setbacks in their

career and finances and are often under the burden of
student debt or have become the victim of recession. The
Mega-llennials are usually considered to be ahead of the
rest and are not associated with any negative cliche existing
in the society. They are often the most important target
market for consumer companies. By 2020, millennials have
formed 50% of the global workforce. According to a survey
conducted recently, there are certain things that Millennials
want at their workplace. The first being an environment

which is highly engaging along with the opportunity to learn
and grow. In this phase of COVID 19 pandemic, they expect
to be understood by the employer along with the flexibility
of work from home.
This generation possesses strong values and leaves a mark
in whatever they do. They tend to leave behind a legacy
that people look up to. Their lives are mostly shaped by
technology and their day starts with viewing and replying to
the mails received. They often try to maintain a perfect
aesthetic feed on their social media. The corporate
workspace turns them hostile and detached at times and so,
many individuals prefer resigning their jobs once they have
enough amount of money saved and then try to set up their
own business or get into investments.

The individuals of this generation have snuggled their way
out of crowded markets to e commerce websites for their
necessities and luxuries. Whether it’s about booking a cab
or ordering food from a restaurant, clothing and footwear
shopping or booking the tickets of trains and flights, they
prefer going digital in all these aspects.

Since most of the individuals work in multi national
companies, they prefer renting a house near their offices
rather than buying one. One of the reason for this is
increased debts and transfer to various other locations.
They prefer hiring cabs and private cars rather than public
transport. Flights are also preferred over trains because of
it’s comfort level and time saving agenda.

No doubt Millennials have found their way out to survive in
the society by being both practical and grounded. They
want to maintain both professional and personal lives but
often get grinded between the two which affects their
health adversely. According to a survey, the health of the
individuals of this generation is continuing to decline at a
tremendous rate mainly because of mental pressure and
anxiety leading to depression. The consumption of alcohol
and tobacco has worsened the case even more. Among all
the generations, Generation Y or the Millennials are
considered to be the most unhealthy generation though
they are the most educated ones.

Men and women of this generation have gradually started
realising the fact that they are experiencing detrimental
affect on their health because of workload and
consumption of intoxicating substances. More and more
people are coming up to raise awareness regarding the
same through groups and campaigns. Some of the aware
individuals even follow a proper health regime by
performing yoga and hitting the gym for their physical
fitness. They are also quite attracted towards vegan food
culture which excludes all the animal generated products
and includes only plant based products. Soya milk and tofu
are the main food items available to fulfill the requirement
of protein in their bodies.
Since workload has taken a heavy toll on them, individuals
have started practicing meditation whenever they feel the
need of it . The office culture is also including group games and flashmobs for refreshment and entertainment from the
monotonous lives of the people working there.
As life is running at it’s own pace and so is the competition,
it becomes a matter of vitality for the Millennials to take
care of their well being so that they can produce best and
maximum output from their work. This is only possible if
they take some time out to focus and improve their health
by keeping their physical fitness in check and not having
meals which provide the best taste to the tongue rather food which provides nutrition to the body.

Chetna Singh

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