Things to Keep in Mind before an Interview

 Things to Keep in Mind before an Interview

Are you thinking of switching your company? Or are you a fresher you has to go for a job interview? If yes, then you must be prepared for it. Interviews are usually held after the selection exam. If the candidate gets selected after the exam, they get a call letter. The call letter includes the venue and timing for the interview. It is considered to be a very important step in the selection process.

During an interview, the candidate is called in a room. The interviewers are already present there. They ask the candidates certain questions. Through those questions, they analyse the candidate’s analytical, logical and ethical abilities. If they find the candidate worthy of selection, the candidate is sent back with an offer letter.

Interview plays a crucial role in the complete selection process. There are certain things that candidates should make sure regarding the interview. Just in case you do not miss out on any of them, here are THINGS THAT SHOULD BE KEPT IN MIND BEFORE AN INTERVIEW.


Punctuality is very basic but an essential component as well. The candidate needs to make sure that he or she is punctual. Arrive at the venue half an hour prior for the interview. This way you won’t panic to for getting late. Late comers do not get selected in any sort of interviews. So, always keep in mind that you have to reach the venue before time. Visit the venue a day before just to know about the exact location. This way you will not get confuse in finding the correct route.




Your first impression is your last impression. Get dressed in proper formal attire. Men are expected to wear full shirt, trousers and a tie in general. Women are expected to wear plain saree, shirt and trousers, etc. Whatever it is, just make sure that it is completely. Iron your clothes a day before the interview. Comb your hair properly and get your shoes polished. You should look completely elegant from head to toe.




It is mandatory that you set your limits while answering the interviewers. Maintain professionalism by not getting into personal talks. Make sure that you use words which sound perfect for a corporate work culture. Do not use words like dear, etc which may not sound professional. Practice what you have to say beforehand so that you do not fumble.





Your body language will tell a lot about yourself during an interview.  Keep your confidence high and maintain a good body language. Do not slouch while sitting or standing. Walk straight and confidently. Keep a smile on your face while walking in or coming out. Speak with no fear and stick to what you think is right. Do not get aggressive in the process. Maintain eye contact with the hiring individuals. Remain calm and composed while answering the questions.




Conduct proper research about everything regarding the interview. Know about the complete details of the company. Find out about the CEO and the headquarters. Know about the job and the work culture. Also, prepare yourself for the questions of your previous job. You need to have a detailed analysis of the previous job along with your learnings. Research on related facts and answer appropriately. Make sure that to inform them if you do not know an answer to any question. Honesty is always appreciated during an interview.



CV holds vital importance for any interview. Make sure that you list your achievements and certifications in it. The font of the CV should not be very big. Choose an optimum font style and size of the CV. Know about your CV completely. Prepare for questions which may arise from the contents that you’ve put in it. Do not keep any irrelevant information it it. Also, only 10th and 12th marks should be added in it from the school time. You can include achievements during the college time and later periods.

Chetna Singh

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