Top 10 Business Under 10 Lakh in India

 Top 10 Business Under 10 Lakh in India

Top 10 business under 10 lakh in India in given below:-

1.Packing Boxes and Cartons

2.Gadget stores

3. tissue paper

4.jute bags

5. fitness center services

7.woman accessories friendly Disposals

9.ball pens manufacturing

10.Cell phones cases

1. Packing boxes and cartons – Packaging boxes and cartons have extensive use in our daily life.  These things are transported from within the country or outside the country using these cartons and boxes. The cost of its manufacturing machine is between Rs. 5 – 10lakh. One of the good business under 10 Lakhs to start.

packing bags and cartons

2.Gadget Stores-

This is the internet age. There’s hardly any individual or any place without at least a couple of phones and laptops or a PC. Joining the gang are headphones, speakers, home theatre systems, gaming gadgets, VR systems, fitness trackers, cameras etc.

With the increasing demand of these electronic devices, a store with a good range of devices on retail and a well-informed sales staff can easily find its spot in the market as a customer coming to the shop will always appreciate good and helpful advice on their buy.

The store can also be taken to an e-commerce portal for enhanced convenience for consumers and profitability for the owner.


3.Tissue Paper

This type of the best  business ideas to start with a small investment. Tissue papers are demanded in restaurants, coffee shops, tea stalls, food centers weddings, parties. The cost of manufacturing a tissue paper machine is Rs.5 lakhs and it offers an amazing scope of growth in the near future.

top 10 business under 10 lakh in india

4.Jute bags-Jute bags are required for loading different types of grains and goods.  These bags are very strong . To kick-start, you just need two machines for this business – one for cutting and one for sewing and also a few laboures ranging between 2-3.

top ten business under 10 lakh in india Centre It has become the need of the hour to keep ourselves fit.  People are spending good sums of money to keep themselves with good health. This is the reason; it has become such a profitable business. Initially, you can start a center with a few types of machinery and as the business expands you can bring more lately. Like as fitness gym.

top 10 business under 10lakh in india

6.Spa services  – Spa is an excellent medium to relax mentally and physically. Spa treatments include body treatments, facial massage, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, manicure, pedicure, etc. This is one of the best business under 10lakh to start. You need to ensure a good and peaceful environment and soothing ambiance for this  business. this business are highly popular in we need to start this type of business under 8 to 10lakh.

spa 10 business under 10 lakh in india

7.Women accessories

Accessories like earrings necklaces, bangles are one of the favorites of every woman.  woman can looking beautiful so they uses types of woman accessories.  There is a wide range of designs which can be made like stonework, beadwork, silk thread, etc. The focus should be that the raw material has to be good and design has to be unique. Use your creativity and come up with the best jewelry designs to take your business to successful heights.

woman accessories top 10 business under 10 lakh in india

8.Eco-friendly disposables

Keeping in view the harmful effects of plastic disposals, the demand for eco-friendly disposals have risen. They are highly demanded in weddings, parties, at mobile food vans, tea stalls, etc. You can easily initiate a business in which eco-friendly disposals are produced. The investment in this small manufacturing business is around Rs5-7 lakh.

9.Ball pens manufacturing – The cost of a ball pen is between Rs5 to 10 in the market, so just imagine how low would be its manufacturing cost. It is one small scale industry that requires very little investment and the production is in bulk. Just use good quality ink and build the required reputation. Design and appearance also matter a lot in this business. It is one of the Best Small Manufacturing Business Ideas under Rs10 Lakhs in India.

10. Cell phone cases – The drastic increase in the use of cell phones has triggered the need for cell phone cases that protect the cell phones from being scratched or broken. It is a very profitable business. The cost of manufacturing 1 simple plastic case is under Rs30 and the selling price is Rs150. the uses of cell phones are very important. all persons have cell phones .and the manufacturing of cell phones have low cost and high money to return.



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