Top 10 Businesses Ideas That Can Be Started in India With Rs. 1 Lakh

 Top 10 Businesses Ideas That Can Be Started in India With Rs. 1 Lakh

Top 10 business ideas in India under Rs 1 Lakh

To become an entrepreneur is always good rather than a regular 9 to 5 job. At this time, most of the youths in India are looking for starting their own business instead of doing a job. Today, we are going to discuss the top 10 business ideas in India under Rs 1 Lakh. 

Let’s see top 10 businesses ideas that can be started in India with Rs. 1 Lakh

1. Tea Stall or a Fruits Juice Stall

This is a very popular business idea under 1 lakh. In India, Tea industry is a big market. Almost all the Indians love tea and fruit juices.

Three important points to get started are the following.

  1. Choosing a right location
  2. Procuring Raw material
  3. Renting a Space

For this business, you don’t need any extra licences.

2. Disposable plates and cups

All the events and parties functions can’t be possible without disposable plates and cups. Street Stalls and Restaurants also uses disposable plates and cups. This is the first option in many places and money needed to start this business is about Rs.50,000. You only have to purchase a disposable making machine which costs Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 50,000

3. Chocolate Making

It’s a small scale home based business. All you need to start this chocolate making business are raw materials such as chocolate cream, mold, and packing material. This is one of the sweet businesses which can be started with less than 1 lakh of investment. 

4. Food Catering Business

You can also start a food catering business under Rs. 1 Lakh. 

People will order main course dishes from you on occasions like birthday parties, marriage, anniversaries etc and you need to deliver them on time.

To get started you just need a kitchen, raw materials, few staff members and a budget for marketing (like distributing pamphlets and sticking bills).

5. Office Repair Services – Computer, Chair and Other Furniture

These services are in great demand because of the offices located in corporate parks, business centers and small malls in cities.

Computer Repair service requires expertise in hardware and software both. To start a computer repair shop you need – 

  1. Licensed System Software – Operating System, Device Drivers
  2. Licensed Application Software like MS Office, Antivirus Software etc.

That’s it. You can get started now.

You can also start office chair repair services with a very low investment. You need basic tools like needle nose pliers, pipe wrench, pry bar, mallet etc.

6. Paper Bag, Cloth Bag, or Jute Bag Making

These businesses are also low cost business. You can start these businesses under Rs. 1 Lakh. 

You only need the paper bag making machines or cloth bag making machines. You can purchase these machines at IndiaMart.

7. Ice cream Business

As India’s population is increasing and all the peoples love to eat ice cream. Due to high consumption of ice cream, this idea is profitable. You can start this business with approximately Rs 1 lakh to Rs 1.5 lakh of investment. However, you can also operate the same business on a larger scale in your developing stage with high capacity machinery.

8. Tuition and Hobby Classes

If you like teaching students. You can start taking online/offline classes for students.

You can teach various technical skills also and make online courses also.

Apart from regular courses you can also teach music, dance, acting, painting and other hobbies to students.

Starting a tuition requires an office space for 20 to 30 students and starting an online class will require internet connection and a laptop.

9. HR Services

Hiring good candidates are very much important for Corporate companies. As a HR firm you can tie up with various MNCs and help them recruit the right kind of employees with required skill sets.

You can charge a commission upon each hiring done by the company. To start a HR business you don’t need much, just an office space and a budget for advertising in various newspapers.

10. SEO Services

Every online/offline business wants to rank in the google and for that they need digital marketing services. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services are the most popular and profitable business to start if you are coming from an online marketing background.

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