Top 5 Career Options in India

 Top 5 Career Options in India

Career is the most important thing for today’s youth. Right from the childhood, kids are taught to build a career. Career is very essential for living in today’s society. It helps you stand on your own feet. One experiences all sorts of independence after making their career. Everyone wants to make money. Along with that, people want a good  reputation of themselves in the society.

Eversince childhood, kids are moulded for the competition of the world. They are taught that in order to be successful, they need to have a good career. Kids have different dreams of becoming something one day. Some are attracted towards being a pilot, while some other are attracted towards becoming a doctor. Every child has a imagination of his own. He or she wants to fulfil their dream when they grow up.

Aim and ambition is very essential for one’s life to be productive. Else, he will live without any goal. Different professions provide different platform to showcase one’s skills and talents. India is a country where you can find individuals with diverse professions. Career options are in abundant in India. Here are TOP 5 CAREER OPTIONS IN INDIA.


No doubt, engineers receive a really high package if they are good with softwares. One has to pursue the course of engineering. It is a bachelor’s degree of four years. Different students go for different options of engineering. Mechanical, civil, electronics and communication, computer science, etc are some streams which they can opt for.

In India, a national level engineering exam is conducted known as Joint Entrance Examination. Students who are the best performers get selected in prestigious institutions like IIT, NIT, IIIT, etc. most of the good colleges provide campus placements in the third year of the course. Once placed, the candidates are usually trained for over six months. Good companies visit prestigious colleges. Worthy students get a really high package.


Medical profession also provides a really bright career to aspirants. Doctors are considered to be very essential in all parts of the world. They can save lives of people which is a huge thing. Students who want to get into Medical colleges have to give exams for it. NEET is the national exam which is conducted for the selection of medical students. It requires more duration of education when it comes to medical. It also requires immense amount of hard work and dedication. After lot of studying and attaining the degree, one can start practicing. With time, doctors have to build strong connection so that patients turn to them.


After completing graduation, many people go for management. Usually, students who take up Bachelor’s in Business Administration are seen to opt for it. But in today’s scenario, students come from diverse career backgrounds. The management colleges also prefer taking in more diversity. A national level exam known as Common Admission Test or CAT is conducted for selection in prestigious Government Institutions. There are also many other exams like XAT, SNAP, IIFT, etc which are conducted to get admission in management colleges. GMAT is an exam which is given by students who want to get admission in abroad.


Merchant Navy is one of the most prestigious and elite career option for today’s young and talented students. This field requires immense passion and hard work. People have to be on ships for months and months. A national level exam known as IMU CET or Indian Maritime University Common Entrance Test. Through this, candidates are selected in prestigious institutes offering maritime courses. The package offered in this profession is really high than the rest. It usually involves six months of work and six months of rest.


Undoubtedly, civil services is one of the most prestigious career option in India. Union Public Service Commission or UPSC is the body which conducts the exam annually to select candidates. The candidates are provided different posts according to their performance. The highest position is considered to be that of an Indian Administrative Service or the IAS officer. It requires an immense amount of hard work and dedication to crack the exam. The selected candidates have to undergo the interview process as well. The final list of students are trained for the services and then allotted their posting.

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