Top 5 Indian Food Companies

 Top 5 Indian Food Companies

Food companies are in a huge amount in the country, India. There are massive number of food companies which provide various food items. There are companies for curd, milk, coffee, tea, noodles, etc. the companies have not restricted themselves to the production of traditional items. They also produce items whose roots are in foreign countries. This initiative made the Indian audience to get access to it.

If you want to know about the food companies whose roots are in India, read on. This article will tell you about TOP 5 INDIAN FOOD COMPANIES which have a huge customer crowd and sales.


Parle Agro Pvt Ltd was founded in the year 1984. It has its headquarters in Mumbai. It is considered to be one of the best food processing companies. It is involved in the production of food, water and beverages. The biscuits that the company produces are very famous. It produces packaged drinking water, confectionery and snacks. Along with that, it also produces fruit drinks, sparkling drinks, juice, etc.

  • AMUL

Amul is an Indian dairy cooperative. It is the world’s largest producer of milk and its products. This company was founded in 1946. It is based in Gujarat and is one of the top packaged food companies. It is managed by the Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Limited. This company has joint owners which are three million in number. It produces milk, butter, cheese, paneer, etc. It is considered to be the most trusted brand for milk products in India.


Haldiram’s comes under one of the major food companies of India. It manufactures Indian sweets and snacks. It has a wide variety of products that it manufactures. Some of them are frozen meals, sweets, cookies, chips and many other. There are many outlets of the company in various cities of the country. It also serves the purpose of a restaurant. Its products are exported to different countries like US, UK, etc.


Kissan is also one of the major food companies of India. It was established in the year 1935. It was set up mainly for Britishers. Later, it was taken over by Vittal Malya. It produces a wide range of products. Some of them are canned fruits and vegetables, baked beans, ketchup, etc. In today’s market, it is one of the major and prominent food companies.


MTR Foods has its headquarters in Bengaluru. It is yet another important element in the list of food companies. It produces a range of packaged foods. Some of them are breakfast mixes, ready to eat meals, spices, condiments, etc. its parent organization is Orkla ASA. It was founded in 1924 and the CEO is Sanjay Sharma.

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