Top 5 Productive Things to do in the Lockdown

 Top 5 Productive Things to do in the Lockdown

All the citizens of the country are under the stress of Covid 19 and lockdown. Everyone is told to stay at their and move out only when necessary. It has become very annoying and depressing for people. People cannot meet their loved ones. All of them have to stick to their homes. With the arrival of the second mutant of corona virus, the restrictions has increased.

Everyone is a fix because they have nothing to do at home. All the households chores are already done and now they are left with nothing. In such stressful situations, it is important to feel motivated and positive. Else, it will affect the mental health of individuals. If you have nothing to do, then we have a solution for you. Here are some ways through you can increase your productivity during lockdown.


Reading is a habit that everyone should practice. Reading not only increases knowledge but also gives relaxation. It takes you away from the reality to some other world. During the reading time, one forgets about all the feelings they have in reality. People start experiencing the feelings provided by the book. It also helps individuals to increase their vocabulary. Language skills are also improved to a great extent with the help of it.




Working out should definitely be a part of your day. This is the time that you can use to reduce the belly fat. One can do different types of exercises. Some prefer yoga while some others prefer pilates. Some also prefer strength training and cardio as well. Take a brisk walk on your terrace every morning. The more you sweat, the better is your workout. Eat healthy balanced diet. Include fresh and colourful fruits and green leafy vegetables. Make sure you also add a dose of probiotics and roughage to your diet.


Each and everyone, be it a male or a female should know how to cook. In these times of pandemic, one has learnt that it is important to be self reliant. If you do know cooking, make different stuffs. Try out various new dishes. If you are a beginner then now is the right time to start. Start by making simple food items. Once you feel you are confident enough, move on to make trickier items. One needs to have proper knowledge of the quantity of sugar, salt and spices. Refer to google and youtube for more help.



When was the last time you cleaned your fan or your cabinet? Don’t remember right? Lockdown is the perfect time for you to do all cleaning tasks. Make a list of things that require your attention. Take up two to three tasks everyday. Do not be in a rush. Give it the proper amount of time that it requires. Arrange your book shelf. Wash all the curtains and blankets. Remove all the edible items which have crossed their expiry. Make sure that you complete the target everyday. This will make your lockdown even more clean and hygienic.



Try to maintain a journal. Write anything and everything in it. Start off in the morning. Write all the tasks that have to be completed for the day. Tick all the tasks once they are done. Write in anything important which comes up in the day. At the end of the day, write how your day was. Positive affirmations are also something you can include in it. Write hopeful and positive stuffs even if you did not have a productive day. These things will definitely bring about a change in your lockdown.

Chetna Singh

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