Top 5 Ways for the Conservation of Environment

 Top 5 Ways for the Conservation of Environment

Top 5 Ways for the Conservation of Environment

Mother nature has served us a lot since time immemorial. She has provided us with all the things necessary for survival. We humans have used them to satisfy our needs and luxuries. Environment gave us anything and everything which was vital for existence. Those huge trees are the main source of oxygen to the locality you are living in.

Environment provided us with a nature where we can breathe fresh air. Everyone understands the importance of fresh air in this generation of pollution. Fumes from the factories and cars deplete the quality of air in the surroundings. With due course of time, it has become extremely difficult to breathe fresh air in some places.

Activists who are concerned towards the environment try their level best for its betterment. But it is the responsibility of all the complete mankind to look after the environment. Afterall, we have been experiencing a lot benefits from it. Now is the time that we all come together and work for its enhancement.

Many of us have a desire to work for our environment but do not know how to. If this is the case with you then here are TOP 5 WAYS TO PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT.

  • AFFORESTATION – increase the amount of trees

 Conservation of EnvironmentAfforestation is required tremendously to increase the amount of trees in the world. Every individual should pledge to plant atleast one tree in a year. This way a lot of seeds will be sown. The future generation will be able to receive the benefits of the seeds sown by the older  generation.  Make sure that no trees are cut for any purposes. In you live in a society, plant trees on the boundaries. It will prove to be very beneficial in the long run.




 Conservation of EnvironmentConservation of water holds paramount importance in today’s world. The groundwater level has been depleting a lot since the past few years. Rainwater harvesting should be done to save more and more water for our needs. Make sure that you do not waste a single drop of water. Some places have to suffer a lot in the summers due to water scarcity. People do not have enough water to drink. They have to order tankers to suffice their needs. Look out that you do everything for the conservation of water. Since it will help in saving the environment, it will be a boon for you.


This is a method of conservation of environment that we taught in third grade. But over the period of time, we forgot the importance of it. Try to cut down the exaggerated buying of products every now and then. This will help in reduction of the overall manufacturing. Plastics or stuffs harmful for the environment will be used in small amounts. Try to reuse the stuffs you already have. Old books, clothes, etc. can be given to the poor and needy. This will suffice their needs as well. recycle the products that you can. One can also try making best out of waste. This will reduce the amount of waste and benefit the environment.


Educate the people around you. Make them aware about the importance of conservation of environment. Teach them the methods through which they can help in the purpose. You can also opt for collaborations with NGO’s. Become a volunteer and be a part of various awareness programmes. Try to bring in new and creative ways to educate the individuals. Plan activities through which they can learn.




Vehicles are one of the main reasons for immense air pollution. The smokes and fumes which are released from the cars and buses have a very negative impact on the environment. Try to use vehicles which run on compressed natural gas. It will help in reducing the negative effect on the environment. Walk to nearby places rather than travelling on bikes or cars. This will also keep your health in check. You can also opt for cycling. These methods when followed religiously will definitely create a difference in the environment.

Chetna Singh

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