Top 5 Ways to Quit an Addiction

 Top 5 Ways to Quit an Addiction

Every person in this world has good and bad qualities. Nobody is a born perfectionist. As we grow up, we learn various stuffs and practice them in our lives. Some things prove to beneficial for us while the others do not. Yet after knowing it, we tend to ignore this fact and move on. Some bad habits becomes a part of our lives. You like to do that on a repeated basis. This is known as addiction.

Addiction can take various forms. Some are addicted to smoking while some others are addicted to drinking alcohol. People know that these things are harmful for health. Yet, they are not able to give up this habit. It becomes very challenging for them. Sometimes people want to give up on an addiction, but they just cannot.

If there is someone who is addicted to anything and wants to give up, then you are reading the right article. This article will tell you Top 5 Ways to Quit an Addiction.


Start with one step at a time. Do not think that your addiction will go away in a single day. You will have to give the right amount of time. Different people take different durations of time to quit an addiction. Take baby steps and do not rush. Rushing will make you land amidst nowhere. Hence, all your hard work and dedication will go in vain. Do avoid all this, calm and believe in yourself. Make up your mind and work towards it progressively. By doing so, you will conquer the first step towards success.




Avoid all sorts of temptations. If someone has the habit of smoking, he or she should not go near smoking areas. They should not go to shops selling cigarettes. They should control themselves if they have to be near a shop selling those things. Control over the mind and focus is very essential. These are the main factors which can help you quit any sort of addiction. If you like eating chocolates, then do not buy them. if they are kept in your fridge, give it to other people. In this manner, you will feel tempted and your determination will get stronger.


If you have an addiction of eating chocolates, then replace it with something nutritious. You can eat protein bars instead of it. It has nutritious ingredients in them which will benefit you. If you have alcohol addiction, you can have other drinks instead. Mix apple cider vinegar in warm and drink it empty stomach. It will help you to end your addiction. If you feel like you are addicted to drinking tea, replace it. You can have green tea instead. It will help you boost your metabolism and immunity.




If you have tried a lot and yet didn’t succeed, you may go for professional support. There are professional out there which will help you to quit an addiction. There are centres with doctors and mentors who guide you every way possible. They strategise and plan out the proceedings for quitting. One has to follow their words religiously. They will keep a check on you. But most importantly, you need to keep a check on yourself. This is the only way of achieving what you desire for.



Self love is the main reason which is why you thought of quitting your addiction. Love yourself to the core. Do not feel that you are less from anyone. You have your own set of skills which make you unique. No one in this world is born perfect. But smart people try to correct themselves at the right time. Now is the time you work for yourself. Give yourself the amount of care and attention required. Do not go to extremes to quit anything. Go ahead step by step. And lastly, you will definitely be successful in your efforts.

Chetna Singh

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