Top 8 Platforms to get Unlimited Content for your Blogs

 Top 8 Platforms to get Unlimited Content for your Blogs

Blog writing can be seen all over the Internet in today’s time. Blogging provides a platform to express ideas, beliefs, emotions, etc on a digital platform. People from all over the world can access the blogs of any and every individual. Many people who have a flair for writing go for writing blogs. It requires immense amount of hard work and dedication. One has to have proper skill set in order to write blogs which are worth reading. And to possess that, one has to practice a lot.

There are many things that a blogger has to keep in mind while writing blogs. But what is he or she supposed to write on? There has to be topics on which one can write on. Usually people take up topics which they are fond of or have proper knowledge about. But what happens after an individual has written blogs on all of them? They have the skill set but no more topics to showcase their talent.

There are any individuals who face this issue. To resolve such an issue, there are various solutions available. People can opt for any of them in order to get more number of topics. Here are TOP 8 PLATFORMS TO GET UNLIMITED CONTENT FOR YOUR BLOGS.


Google Search Engine is one of the best ways to get more topics to write blogs. As soon we type certain words in the search box, number of options start appearing in a list. One can go through them. Pick topics according to your own niche. Keyword searches will also prove to be beneficial for the same. Individuals can get many topics to write blogs with the help of Google Search Engine.





Quora is the best place to get an answer to any question. Just type in it and there will be loads of answers provided by different individuals on the same topic. Go through them and you will find something of your need. All the queries which fall under your niche can be answered on quora. It is considered to be one of the best platforms to get a detailed answer on something specific.

  • is a platform which answers the questions raised by the public. It provide with the most searched topic’s keywords in the search engine. It helps individuals to find organically searched keywords which does not have much answers on the internet. This platform also brings easy organic traffic towards your blog site.


Youtube is a platform which provides videos of all sorts. This video content platform will provide you with your requirements in the form of a video. Drop down suggestions are available on Youtube. One can get unlimited ideas from the source of Youtube. Many related topics can also be found with the help of keyword results. They can easily be used as content ideas for your blogs.



  • is a tool which is paid and not free. It is used for the analysis of the opponent’s websites. One can use this for free in order to get content creation ideas. Keywords have to be put in the content search and many options will start appearing. Customisation of the topics can be done through time filters. One will also get to see the most shared or liked content by the viewers.

  • Pinterest

Pinterest is an image sharing platform which is quite different from other platforms. Initially, people used to share content in the form of pictures. In recent times, people have started sharing blog post contents in the form of pictures. This is done to get more traffic from this platform to their blog site.

  • Reddit

Reddit is considered to be a personalised newspaper. Here on can choose the topics and the type of news they want to go through. Reddit is quite helpful for the content creators to get more topics to curate content. Mostly, the topics are quite searched and trending. There is a high probability the topic helps to get your post attain a good rank.






Udemy is a platform which offers courses of various types. One can get access to many courses related to their respective fields. Content creators can check the course names in order to get topics for their content. Usually, they are well researched and analysed and hence, can be put into the blogs.


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